Melanie – Detroit Or Buffalo tab

Song: Detroit or Buffalo
Composer: Barbara Keith
Artist: Melanie (Safka)
Album: Freedom Knows My Name (1993)

I don't exactly play it the way Melanie does, but it's pretty close. I tend to improv.

Riff 1: Riff 2: Fsus4 F Dsus4 D|------6-5---5-|------3-2---2---||----6-----6---|----3-----3-----||5-5-----------|2-2-------------||--------------|----------------||--------------|----------------||--------------|----------------|
Intro: Riff 1 x 4 Verse1: Riff 1 People expect you to fall and Riff 2 Hit that same old wall Riff 1 Riff 2 Really they don't wanna help at all Riff 1 They talk behind your back today Riff 2 They shake their heads and say Riff 1 Gee, I always that the girl Riff 2 Would come to no good anyway Chorus: D F#m Bm C God knows everybody's gotta go sometime D F#m Bm C And I'm taking the train to the end of the line F C G (open)Riff 1 Missing that boy a mile at a time Verse 2: Same as Verse 1 I haven't been too well myself Too much time upon the shelf Saying that I don't need help When I do, I do But still I think I'm gonna be just fine A lot of friends, a little wine Still I'm wishing, I could see you again sometime Pre-Chorus: D F#m Gonna pack my bags and go Bm C To Detroit or Buffalo D F#m And if anybody wants to know where Bm F#m Bm C You don't know, you don't know Chorus: D F#m Bm C God knows everybody's gotta go sometime D F#m Bm C And I'm taking the train to the end of the line F C G (open)C Missing that boy a mile at a time
Riff 1 x 4 Verse 3: Same as Verse 1 It's hard to open up that door Like you done so many times before Sometimes you think, you just can't do it anymore And you take a chance and you take a train Out into the pouring rain And all you got there, is your suitcase full of pain Pre-Chorus Chorus Verse 4: Same as Verse 1 (Not going to bother with the words - it's mostly listing towns) Pre-Chorus Chorus
Outro Solo:(Forgive me for it not being done - I usually just start it and go off on a tangent.)|------------------------------------------------------------||------------12-14-15----------------------------------------||9-9-11-12---------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------------------|
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