Melissa Etheridge – Bring Me Some Water tab

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From: (Lothar Steidle)


melissa etheridge

 tonight I feel so weak

 but all in love is fair

 I turn the other cheek

 And I feel the slap and the sting of the foul night air

 and I know you're only human

 And I haven't got talking room

 But tonight while I'm makinng excuses

Em   (stop)
 Some other woman is making love to you


Am        G           D
 Somebody bring me some water

Am           G            D
 Can't you see I'm burning alive

Am             G              D
 Can't you see my baby's got another lover

 I don't know how I'm gonna surive

Am            G             D
 Somebody bring me some water

Am             G             D
 Can't you see it's out of control

Am             G                D
 Baby's got my heart baby's got my mind

 But tonight the sweet devil, sweet devil's got my soul

 when will this aching pass
 when will the night be through
 I want to hear the breaking glass
 I only feel the steel of the red hot truth
 And I'd do anything to get it out of my mind
 I need some insanity that temporary kind
 tell me how will I ever be the same
 when I know that woman is wispering you name


 Oh, devil's got my soul


Please correct, if it isn't right...


From: (Ronald Gelten)
Subject: Re: CRD:Melissa Etheridge "Bring me some water"

So I will. I think it sounds better when you play E instead of Em, and
an A chord instead of Am. Play the A chord like this:

Use your first finger on the G and D string. Pluck the cords. Listen to the song. If you play it like this, you can make the little 4-note riff (rather fast) at the end of each line with your left hand (1st finger), by pulling off the G and D strings. If I'm not clear, e-mail me. Oh, another thing. In the chorus, use D and Dsus4: D Dsus4 D(let ring shortly) ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Hope this helps. Ronald Gelten >------------------------------------------------------------------------ >(Email:
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