Melissa Etheridge – I Take You With Me tab

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From: (KelleyD463)
Date: 17 Jul 1995 03:53:56 -0400

Melissa Etheridge- "I Take You With Me" from "Boys on the Side"
    Tabbed by Kelley Densham
All suggestions are welcome

Intro:  E(2 measures)  Asus2(2measures)

We passed the devil's own temptation
Asus2                           B
beyond where angels sleep
           E                             Asus2           B
to the holy invocation of a neon city street
Asus2                     B
I feel your hand I hold you
E                         Asus2
thru your eyes I see
        E                    Asus2
my love wherever I go

I take you with me

E (2measures) Asus2 (2 measures)

Down the road of my desires
Asus2                        B
to the oceans of my needs
to the fuel of my fires
Asus2                         B
Until my yearnings cease

I hear your voice
I know you
E                     Asus2
in your arms I sleep
        E                      Asus2
my love wherever I go

I take you with me

E (2measures)  Asus2 (2measures)

Even though I fed my hunger
Asus2                                  B
Even though I've made my fill

I'd never understand it
Asus2                                B
How the journey led me here
Asus2                         B
but I have made a promise
        E               Asus2
that I intend to keep
        E                      Asus2
My love wherever I go

I take you with me me

This is my first post, and my first attempt at putting anything down by
ear. so any and all
suggestions are welcome.

I would like to thank Orion Whitaker for giving me the lyrics.
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