Mellencamp John – Jack & Diane tab


I just sat down and figured this out yesterday.  I'm not sure it's all right,
but here it goes.  There is one chord I am not sure what it is called, I think
it's an E6, That is how I will note it, it looks like this:E A D G B e
                                                           | | | o | |
| | o | | | |-|-|-|-|-|*****************************************************************************
********** REVISION * By Brian M. Weck ( ********** Play the D chord like the one Eddie Van Halen uses in 316. For those who don't know it looks like this: e------------------------------ B--------------3--------------- G--------------2--------------- D--------------4--------------- A------------------------------ E--------------X--------------- I think this sounds a lot better than just using a regular D chord. Anyway, the above so-called E6 chord should also be used. Here it is again in the same format I used to tab the above chord: e------------------------------ B------------------------------ G--------------1--------------- D--------------2--------------- A------------------------------ E------------------------------ ***************************************************************************** The first part (the heavy part) just goes A, E6, A, E6, D with the little peck: D------0-0- A--0-2----- E---------- Then: A E6 D E6 little ditty, about Jack and Diane A E6 D E6 A Two American kids growing up in the heartland A E6 D E6 Jackie gonna be a football star A E6 D E6 A Diane's debutante in th back seat of jackie's car (same for every verse)
in-between: Ae-------------------------------------B----2-3-2-G----2-2-2-D----2-2-2-A----0-0-0-E---------- E, D,D, E
A e------------------------------------- B----2-3-2- G----2-2-2- D----2-2-2- A----0-0-0- E---------
E, D,D, A CHORUS: A E6 D E6 Oh Yeah, life goes on A E6 D E6 Long after the thrill of livin' is gone A E6 D E Oh Yeah, I said, Life goes on A E D E A Long after the thrill of livin' is gone. The rest is just different words to the same stuff above.
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