Mellencamp John – Sweet Evening Breeze tab

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Date: Sat, 15 Nov 1997 02:38:35 -0500
From: "Paul M. Berens" 
Subject: CRD: m/mellencamp_john/sweet_evening_breeze.crd

                               "Sweet Evening Breeze"
                                 by John Mellencamp

    This a lesser-known tune off the "Human Wheels" album, but a fun one to
play acoustic.  It oscillates between meditative picking and exciting
strumming.  Notice my naming conventions with D/Dsus2 and D/Dsus4 below.

INTRO: (Asus2)

VERSE: (Asus2,G,D [&Dsus4])
<-------"D/Dsus2"----------> <-----D/Dsus4-----------------------|E|----------------0-----0h2------------3-----2------3----2-----------------|B|----------3--------3---------3------------------3----3-------------------|G|-------2-----2-----------------2--------2-----2----2---------------------|D|----0--------------------------------0-----0-----0-----0-----------------|A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
*if you can get the above, you can surely make up a similar picking pattern for the C and Em progressions which are next. VERSE 1: Asus2 G I was loud and a little sad. D/Dsus2 D/Dsus4 She was visiting from Atlanta, Georgia. Asus2 G She had come to spend the summer with her dad. D/Dsus2 D/Dsus4 I thought she was very pretty. C Em We would kiss and hold hands C Em Every night by the football field. C Em Her body was tan D/Dsus2 >From the afternoons by the public swimming pool. CHORUS: (strum these chords) Asus2 G Sweet evening breeze Asus2 G Blows around my thoughts and memories. Asus2 As I lie here today G And drink my tea, D Dsus4 D I can still see Asus2 / G / Asus2 / G / Asus2 / G / Asus2 / G Sweet evening breeze. VERSE 2: Asus2 G I saw her in a coffee shop D/Dsus2 D/Dsus4 In a big hotel down in Austin, Texas. Asus2 G She had cut her long hair off D/Dsus2 And replaced it with G D G D Blue eyes of sad - ness. C Em Still acted like we were kids C *Fill* And she told me that she had to marry C Em And she asked me if I did D/Dsus2 Still remember. CHORUS VERSE 3: Asus2 G How redundant the future can be. D/Dsus2 D/Dsus4 These days of old are very, very Asus2 G Ridiculous for me to see D/Dsus2 G D G D When I think about the real gone stor - ies C Em And how time holds the winning hand. C *Fill* I can tell by the lines on our faces C Em And the young can't understand D/Dsus2 That they look at me When they look at themselves. CHORUS -++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
FILL: CHORDS:E|----------------------------------------------------| e b g d a EB|----0---0---0---0---------| Asus2 | 0 0 2 2 0 0-|G|--------------------------| G | 3 0 0 0 2 3-|D|--------------------------| D | 2 3 2 0-----|A|----2---0-----------------| Dsus2 | 0 3 2 0-----|E|------------3---2---------| Dsus4 | 3 3 2 0-----| C | 0 1 0 2 3 Em | 0 0 0 2 2 0
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