Melody Club – Fever Fever tab

Verse I:

Dbm                                 A                   E     
Struck down by a prayer, and she compels you, you can't help it
Dbm                                    A                E
Drop down to your knees, she's in your mind and you are blinded,
Abm           Ab
And she put a spell on you


A                     B
She's nobody’s angel
Dbm               A      E      (1st time: 
 (2nd time: A, Ab)
She's nobody’s, nobody’s angel


Dbm                   A      E
Fever, fever leave my heart alone
Abm               Dbm
Teardrops down my face
  A                  E          Abm
I curse the day that I was born

Pre-Verse: Dbm

Verse II:

Dbm                              A               E        Abm
Lost inside her grace, and you surrender sweet surrender
Dbm                                A                E
Bound within a sigh, she takes you under, keeps you under
Abm            Ab
When she put a spell on you


A          B    Dbm                  A         
A, E
Still my fading heart beats for your love
A          B    Dbm             A        E, 
Still my fading heart beats for love


I went over the song like a million times, so I'm positive these are completely 
If there's a mistake, please let me know. You can contact me at Thanks =D
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