Members – Solitary Confinement chords

INTRO:   Asus4   A        E      x4
AYou are living in the suburbs,
And you have problems with your parents, So you move on up to london town, Where you think verythings happening, going down. CHORUS:
F# ALiving in a bedsit,
Travelling on a tube train,
D C# BWorking all day long.
D C# BAnd you know no one,
So you don't go out, And you eat out of tins,
E (stop)And you watch televisionÂ…Â…Â….Solitary confinement.
ALL IN: A (with lead)
AI have got a good job,
And i am working in the city, Get the tube train at 8 o'clock and 5, And a really don't know if i'm dead or alive. REPEAT CHORUS: SPOKEN VERSE
AWell I was living in Camberly, and, you know, I thought I'd move up to London,
Life would be very exiting for me, ‘cos I’d go out at night and meet girls and things, but nothing ever happened round my neck of the woods, except for this rather nice girl across the way from me, I got it sussed, she got a 40 inch bust, and she's just...just like! REPEAT CHORUS:
A DSolitary confinementÂ…Â….You're so lonely,
Solitary confinementÂ…Â….You're so lonely,
ASolitary confinement. WeÂ’re The SKONES going to tell you what it's like to be...
A BOn your own By yourself x2 on your own By yourself x2
By yourself, By yourself x2 By yourself By yourself x2
B (stop) D (stop) A (stop) Buy yourself this record
A (not sure the other two chords here for the stabs)And it's lonely for you,
And it's lonely for me,
AAnd it's lonely for all of us, can't you see?
REPEAT CHORUS: JUST DRUMS & VOCALS Solitary confinementÂ…Â…youÂ’re so lonely Repeat to end
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