Memphis Cast - Steal Your Rock N Roll chords

This is from the Broadway show, "Memphis: A New Musical"

Finale song, "Steal Your Rock N Roll"

B F#/A# G#m EI listened to advice, from folks smarter than me,
B F# E E/F#Hmm, and I ignored it.
B F# G#m F# EI listened to hatred, from folks richer than me,
B F# E E/F#Hmm, and I deplored it.
B F# G#m EI listened to music, from folks darker than me,
B F# A A/BAnd you know, I adored it.
lead-in: E/B B A
A BFirst comes a point in everybody's life,
C#m AWhen they gotta stand up and face the fight.
A BThen comes a point in everybody's life,
C#m DWhen they gotta wonder if they've done right!
A EI swallowed my fear,
D A EFollowed my heart right here,
C#mAnd through it all,
A F#m GOne almighty thought stood clear!
transition to chorus: Gsus G
F C/EListen to the beat, listen to the beat,
Dm7Play it!
C Dm7 C/EObey it!
F C/E G Gsus GLove it with, love it with your feet.
F C/EListen to your soul, listen to your soul.
Dm7Heed it!
C Dm7 C/EYou need it!
F C/E G Gsus GLet it make, let it make you whole.
G F C/EAnd if you listen to the beat and hear what's in your soul,
Dm7 GYou'll never let anyone steal
FYour rock n' roll!
This chord progression proceeds through most of the rest of the song, including the "nananananana-nananana." The ending part goes:
Dm7 Dm7 Dm7You'll never let anyone, never let anyone, never let anyone steeeeeal
N.C. F C/E Dm7 G7sus CYour rock and roll!
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