Memphis May Fire - The Abandoned chords version 1

Song: The Abandoned
Artist: Memphis May Fire
Album: The Hollow

Transcribed by Colton Wood

Ok, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that I'm insane to even try 
to do the chords to a screamo song. It's crazy, but just crazy enough. I'm 
just providing the proper chords just encase somebody wanted to get really 
creative with this song and make an acoustic version without any screaming at 


Tuning for this arrangement: 1/2 Step down (Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb)

Verse 1

AbmStaring at the wall,
I never thought this would be so hard. How could have I been so close and never known you? I never knew, I never knew you at all! You will always be my father but I hope you know, It's your fault and I'll never know what that means. You left a void that never could be replaced. I am dying inside but you will never see! Pre Chorus ----------
Abm Dbm E Gb I always had hoped that you
Abm Dbm E Gb Did not want it this way,
Abm Dbm E Gb But no matter how hard I try you always
Abm DbmPushed me away.
Eb You said you loved me but...
Chorus ------
Abm Gb EHow was I supposed to know? (How was I supposed to know)
Abm When you left me here,
Gb EYou left me here alone?
Dbm B Gb Do I ever even cross your mind,
AbmJust for second?
Dbm B Eb Do you know I'm alive?
Verse 2 -------
AbmYou know I would let you in but you threw everything away.
So tell me what did you get from all of these years of pain? You have no clue what I've been through, But I guess that you wanted it that way! (Chorus) Breakdown ---------
Abm E Absus4If you would've been there, (If you would have been there)
Abm E Absus4If you would've stuck around, (If you would have stuck around)
AbmIf you would've been there when I needed you,
You would've been
AbmYou would've been so proud!
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