Mercury Rev – Frittering tab

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From: Ryan Shawley 

Mercury Rev
from Yer Self Is Steam

---0---0-----0------0---  This part is played 4 times now the 
---4---4-----3------1---  timeing isn't right but you play the
---6---6-----4------2---  first chord 2 or 3 times longer than 
---6---6-----4------2---  the rest (listen to the song again
------------------------  you'll get the feel of it)

-----------  --0----0------
-----------  --0----0------   Again the timeing isn't noted this 
--6----1---  --3----1------   is where the drums kick in.  Play 
--7----2---2x--4----2------   this part once and back to the other
--7----2---  --4----2------   Pretty simple, lots of weird shit
--5----0---  --------------   I don't know in the middle of the song.

Well good luck
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