Mercury Rev – The Dark Is Rising tab

Mercury Rev - "The Dark Is Rising"

From the album "All Is Dream"

I noticed that there were no tabs for the mighty Rev on this
site, so i have decided to rectify this sorry situation. I 
really don't care if you like this tab or not, so please 
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Intro - C / Gm / Bb / F    x2

Verse 1:

C                            G          
         I dreamed of you on my farm
I dreamed of you in my arms
But dreams are always wrong
I never dreamed I'd hurt you
I never dreamed I'd lose you
In my dreams I'm always strong

F                           C                     
      But now the creek is rising
F                         C
      And all my bridges burned

(C)                  G
I always dreamed of big crowds
Plumes of smoke and high clouds
But dreams don't last for long

Repeat intro chords twice

Verse 2 (same chords as first verse)

I have my suspicions
When the stars are in position
All will be revealed
But I know that until then
Unless the stars surrender
All will be concealed

And now the snow is falling
And all my fences torn

I know you need someone
And I can hear someone
Somewhere in this song

Repeat intro chords twice

Verse 3 (same chords as first verse except where noted)

I dreamed that I was walking
And the two of us were talking
Of all life's mystery
The words that flow between friends
Winding streams without end
I wanted you to see

F                         C     
     But it can seem surprising
F                             C
     When you find yourself alone
F                         C
     And now the dark is rising
F                             C
     And a brand new moon is born

I always dreamed I'd love you
I never dreamed I'd lose you
In my dreams I'm always strong.

Finish on C

The intro bit sounds best (to me) if you play the following chords;

C at the eighth fret (E shape)
Gm at the tenth fret (Am shape)
Bb at the sixth fret (E shape)
F at the eighth fret (A shape)

For the rest of the song use these chord shapes:

C - X32010
G - 320003
F - 133211

And that's your lot.
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