Mercury Rev – Goddess On A Hiway tab

Song: Goddess on a hiway
Artist: Mecury Rev
Tabbed by: zeb
Date: Nov 01

The alreaty posted version is slightly different from
what they played live in Glasgow. Here's my interpretation....

Verse: F#m, A, E, ??

the chords are played as follows

F#m A E ??E]---2--o--o--2-----|A]---2--2--o--2-----|D]---2--2--1--2-----|G]---4--2--2--o-----|B]---4--o--2--o-----|E]---2--x--o--2-----|
The last chord is a bit like F#m but i can't rememba the name 4 it
Bridge/chorus: D AAn i ain't gonna last........etc D AE]----2----o-----|A]----3----2-----|D]----2----2-----|G]----o----2-----|B]----x----o-----|E]----x----x-----|
rite ..... there ya go. if u got ajustments submit 1 ureself. ny reasonable questions e-mail me @ Rock on!
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