Mercury Rev – Everlasting Arm tab

Mercury Rev - Everlasting Arm (Donahue/Mackowiak/Thorpe)

Intro - 
C Fm 

Verse 1 -
C                                 Fm                  C
 And so with the explorers on my heels I started t'wheel
                     Fm                      C
Stepped aside stone walls, i was sick of it all
                 Fm            C                   Fm
And so I set my sail on yr coat-tails and yr warm shawl

C                    D
Up where there's an Everlasting Arm, 
sends us out alone, 
Fm               C
moves us out of harm
 G                                 C    Fm
Ever-reaching always sweeping... 

Verse 2 - 
And though I struggled t'take my place, there stood my mistake
Standing there like some great big theatre curtain he knew for certain 
I'd come down on you softly

Up where...

Verse 3 -
By and by the gates swung wide, Loved ones came in sight
Storming down the street like Puerto-Rican kids in a summer rain
Breaking open the hydrants and going insane

Up where...
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