Mercy Bell – All Good Cowboys chords

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALL GOOD COWBOYS - Mercy Bell-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tabbed by: meE-mail: Tuning: STANDARD CAPO 3 [INTRO]: play whatever notes in the appropriate chords you can for a fuller sound, but otherwise the tab alone will do:
G Em C Ge|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------0-0---0---0--------------------------------|G|------0-0---0---0-------0-------0-0---0---0------------------0-0-----------|D|------0-0---0---0-------0--------------------------0---0h2-2----------0h2--|A|------------------0h2-2----------------------0h2-2---3---------------------|E|-3-3------3---------------0-0-------0----------------------------3--3------|
G EmTake it down, put it in a jar with butterflies
CFill it up with some formaldehyde
G DYou won't see it here again.
G EmYou said take it slow: it's a mood, and it will come and go.
CBut the joints I needed didn't grow
G DAnd left me crippled in your eyes
C GOh, and all good cowboys know
Em DThere ain't no good old home, sweet home.
C GSo I'll raise my protest, raise my drink
Em DAnd I won't live here no more.
C G Em D'Cuz you never learned my name, it was the one name you should know.
C GAnd I will lay me down,
C GI will lay me down,
C G DI will lay me down, the road.
--- And the chords are the same for the rest of the song!
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