Meredith Andrews - Lift Up Your Head chords

From Meredith Andrews' CD "The Invitation", track 2.
The original key is F... I capo the first fret and play with an open E shape.  If you
to play bar chords or on the piano, transpose up 1 semi-tone.  I like to write out
I know about how a song is played when I tab one, becuase I am self-taught,and I know 
helpful it can be :)

Here are the chords I use **Standard Tuning**

C#m7 - X46600 (I use my index on the A string, ring on the D,and pinky on the G....I rest my middle on the low E to mute it)
Bsus4- X24400 (same position as C#m7) A2 - X02200 ( I mute the low E with my thumb) The song is in 4/4, it's easy to find the strumming if you listen to the song...
Intro: C#m7 // A2 // Bsus4 //// **Remember the C#m7 and A share a split bar, and then abar of Bsus4... It's like this for almost the whole song.)
Verse 1:
C#m7 A2 Bsus4Let us all as one draw near
C#m7 A2 Bsus4To the One who meets us here
C#m7 A2 Bsus4Let us all fall down
A2 Bsus4Before the God who welcomes us in
C#m7 A2 Bsus4Lift up your head
C#m7 A2And throw off every chain
C#m7 Bsus4Lift up your eyes
C#m7 A2To the One who doesn't change
C#m7 Bsus4Lift up your hands
Bsus4 C#m7 A2 Bsus4The broken He will me--------nd
Bsus4 C#m7So lift up your head
Verse 2:
C#m7 A2 Bsus4Let us all fix our gaze
C#m7 A2 Bsus4On the Author of our faith
C#m7 A2 Bsus4From all else we turn away
A2 Bsus4For the joy that conquers shame
C#m7He is Lover
A2He is Redeemer
Bsus4He is Father
Bsus4He is Friend
C#m7He is our shelter
A2He is our healer
Bsus4He is the lifter of our head
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