Merle Haggard - Irma Jackson chords

Irma Jackson 
CI'd love to shout my feelin's from a mountain high
G7 Tell the world I love her and I will till I die
There's no way the world will understand that love is colour blind
CThat's why Irma Jackson can't be mine
I remember when no one cared about us bein' friends We were only children and it really didn't matter then But we grew up too quickly in a world that draws a line Where they say Irma Jackson can't be mine Chorus:
FIf my lovin' Irma Jackson is a sin
G7 Then I don't understand this crazy world we're livin' in
There's a muddy wall between us standin' high
CBut I'll love Irma Jackson till I die
She tells me she's decided that she'll go away And I guess it's right but she alone should have the final say But in spite of her decision forcin' us to say goodbye I'll still love Irma Jackson till I die Chorus
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