Merle Haggard - Go Home chords

Go Home 
G D7In old Piedras Negras in Old Mexico
GOnce in my travel I happened to go
CI met Maria and we fell in love
A D7It seemed like heaven came down from above
G D7Dark skin and dark eyes and dark wavy hair
GAll kept me spellbound as love filled the air
CI held her tightly then to my surprise
A D7She whispered soft words with tears in her eyes
G C G D7 Go home, go home, your people would not understand
G C G D7 GGo home, go home, go back to your own homeland
With gentle persuasion I changed her mind I said they'd love her and treat her so kind So we went together to my old hometown I wanted to show my old friends what I'd found But hate made my sweet dream a nightmare One day I came home and she was not there A note on the table tore my world apart My old friends has been there and told my sweetheart Go home go home your place is not with this man Go home go home go back to your own homeland
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