Merry Hell – Over The Border chords

Song:   Over The Border           
Artist: Merry Hell
Album:  Blink...And You'll Miss It

Intro: A E

ABorn into hate
DAnd policed by violence
AYou take hold of your fate
DYou excavate silence
E DYou say "I'm just happy to survive"
A E"This law and disorder"
AAll of your needs
DAnd all of your hunger
AYour permanent fears(?)
DNow buried in thunder
E DYou say "See you on the other side"
A E"Come over the border"
AIt's close to the bone
DCaresses abrasion
ALessons and blame
AConsent and persuasion
E DAnd I said "I love you, but don't cry"
A E"Cos that ain't an order"
ALiving alone
D I'm close to your heartbeat
AAnd you're feeling at home
DWhen you stand on your own feet
E D And I saw the morning in your smile
A ECome over the border
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