Mest – 2000 Miles tab

Artist: Mest
Song: 2000 Miles

Correct Intro to 2000 miles. There are many ways but this is just a way that I believe
is played by the actual band.

I just started playing guitar about 3 weeks ago, so bear with me because this is my
tablature ever. It sounds correct to me = ).

Standard Tuning:

Palm this x2 then...E|-----------------------------------------||---------|B|-----------------------------------------||---------|G|-----------------------------------------||---------|D|-9-99-9-99-5-55-5-55-7-77-7-77-3-33-3-33-||-3333599-|A|-9-99-9-99-5-55-5-55-7-77-7-77-3-33-3-33-||-3333599-|E|-7-77-7-77-3-33-3-33-5-55-5-55-1-11-1-11-||-1111377-|
This is how most of the song is played withthese power chords. They vary in the rythm in they are strummed. I will be adding to this, just gimme a few days to figure it out. be too hard on me, like I said, this is my first tablature.
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