Mest - Fuck The Greyhound Bus tab


This is a secret song that is next to Wasting time, but u have to wait Wasting time is finished (3 minutes)

Verse: all in P.M.e|----------------------------------|x4B|----------------------------------|G|------------------77-777--99-999--|D|--77-777--77-777--77-777--99-999--|A|--77-777--77-777--55-555--77-777--|E|--55-555--44-444------------------|
Chorus: e|-----------------x3-|----------|B|--------------------|----------|G|--------9-----7-----|-------7--|D|--7-----9-----7-x6--|-7--2--7--|A|--7-x4--7-x4--5-----|-7--2--5--|E|--5-----0-----------|-5--0-----|
Verse: all in P.M.e|----------------------------------|x2B|----------------------------------|G|------------------77-777--99-999--|Coninue the verse 2 times more D|--77-777--77-777--77-777--99-999--|but with distortion, without PM. A|--77-777--77-777--55-555--77-777--|E|--55-555--44-444------------------|
Chorus: e|-----------------x3-|----------|B|--------------------|----------|G|--------9-----7-----|-------7--|D|--7-----9-----7-x6--|-7--2--7--|A|--7-x4--7-x4--5-----|-7--2--5--|E|--5-----0-----------|-5--0-----|
Bridge: ska part (clean)e|--5--5---5--5---3--3---5--5--|x4B|--5--5---7--7---3--3---7--7--|G|--6--6---7--7---4--4---7--7--|D|-----------------------------|A|-----------------------------|E|-----------------------------|
cause we... (clean)e|--------------------------------------------------| B|-------7-----------5-55--5-----7------------------|G|-6-----7-----4-----6---6-6-----7-----4------------|D|-7-----7-----5-----7-----7-----7-----5----777777--|A|-7-----5-----5-----7-----7-----5-----5----777777--|E|-5-----------3-----5-----5-----------3----555555--| Distortion
Chorus: e|-----------------x3-|----------|B|--------------------|----------|G|--------9-----7-----|-------7--|D|--7-----9-----7-x6--|-7--2--7--|A|--7-x4--7-x4--5-----|-7--2--5--|E|--5-----0-----------|-5--0-----|
END Lyrics: Greyhound the morning after our first trip to greenbay we headed off to the station of greyhound not thinkin much of what was ahead. ahead of us the stinky people and the smell. the smell on this bus *** the greyhound bus. *** you! *** the greyhound bus. *** you! a 32 oz. of high life and six sleeping pills were not enough to make me crash. so im still awake jeremiahs gonna get some ass from the girl next to him all of this to play one show with goldfinger what the *** is wrong with us? *** the greyhound bus. *** you! *** the greyhound bus. *** you! *** the greyhound theres this girl next to nick and she has more hair underneath her armpits than the four of us combined the driver warned his feathered friend with colored hair and tattoos he'd kick us off if we acted up well i wish he would've cause we been sleepin on the floor for the past 2 nights and were all out of beer and all of this bullshit for a $99 fair so fuck the greyhound bus. fuck you! fuck the greyhound bus. fuck you! fuck the greyhound bus!
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