Metallica – Traffic School Song tab

artist- kirk hammet(metallica)
song- traffic school song ( on the some kind of monster dvd )

chords G E C D|-3-----------2--||-3-------1---3--||-0---1---0---2--||-0---2---2---0--||-2---2---3------||-3---0----------|
INTRO G E C D G E C i will drive fifty five D when stated G E C and i will drive thirty five D when im not late yeah C D twentyfive in school zones C D means no injuries or broken bones C D and i dont need to groan C D when i swear not to drive stoned G E and i will drive the speed limit C D cause look..where all in traffic school BY JASON PROWD p.s you can hear the song on youtube if you dont have the movie (please comment)
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