Metallica – God That Failed tab

Intro (two guitars)>>>(become one)Eb|-------------------|---------------------------------------------|Bb|-------------------|---------------------------------------------|Gb|-12-12-9---16-16-9-|---------------------------------------------|Db|-------------------|-----------9-9---------------9-----------7---|Ab|-10-10\7---14-14\7-|-10-10-7-------7-----10-10-7---7-10-10-7---7-|Eb|-------------------|---------0-------0---------------------------| THIS THING ABOVE IS THE MAIN RIFF IN THE SONG! MOST OTHER MINOR RIFFS ARE BASED ON THIS SUCKER!
To finish off the main riff!Eb|-------------------------------------------------|Bb|-------------------------------------------------|Gb|-------------------------------------------------|Db|---------------------------9---4h5p4-------------|Ab|-10-10-7---5-5-7---10-10-7---7-2-----7-5-4\2-----|Eb|---------0-------0-------------0-------------5-3-|
Verse riff.Palm Mute every chord except for the last E chords of every "miniriff" +The G chord and the following E chord!Eb|----------------------------------------|Bb|----------------------------------------|Gb|----------------------------------------|Db|----------------------------------------|Ab|-3-2-2-2---3-2-2-2---3-2-2-5-2--3-2-2-2-|Eb|-1-0-0-0---1-0-0-0---1-0-0-3-0--1-0-0-0-|
"It feeds, it grows, it clouds all that you will know"Eb|-------------------------------------------|Bb|-------------------------------------------|Gb|-------------------------------------------|Db|-------------------------------------------|Ab|-------------------------------------------|Eb|-1-0-1-1---1-0-1-1---1-0-1/3-0-3---0-1-1-1-|
"I see faith in your eyes"Eb|-------------------------------------------|Bb|-------------------------------------------|Gb|-------------------------------------------|Db|-----------------------9/7-----------------|Ab|------9----------9-----9/7-----------------|Eb|-10-7---10--7-10---10--7/5-----------------|
Solo Rhythm (most of it anyway!)Eb|----------------------------------------|Bb|----------------------------------------|Gb|----------------------------------------|Db|----------------------------------------|Ab|-3-2-2-2---3-2-2-2---3-2-2-5-2--3-2-2-2-|Eb|-1-0-0-0---1-0-0-0---1-0-0-3-0--1-0-0-0-|
Lyrics: Verse 1 Pride you took Pride you feel Pride that you felt when you'd kneel Not the word Not the love Not that you felt from above It feeds It grows It clouds all that you will know Deceit Deceive Decide just what you believe Chorus I see faith in your eyes Never you hear the discouraging lies I hear faith in your cries Broken is the promise, betrayal The healing hand held back by the deepened nail.... FOLLOW THE GOD THAT FAILED Verse 2 Find your peace Find your say Find the smooth road on your way Trust you gave A child to save Left you cold and him in grave ------------------------------ Ok here are few notes about this song! As you propably know this song is by Metallica and is from their best album to date "The Black Album". What you propably don't know is the following: Firstly, Metallica hardly play this song on their concerts. I have no idea why though. My guess is that they only play their best 3-4 songs from the "Black Album" and those are the hits "Enter Sandman" "Sad But True" "Nothing Else Matters" and "Wherever I May Roam". They Also play "The Unforgiven" but no so often. THe lyrics to this song are James' (Hetfield) favourite on this album. Here's why: "My parents were in this christian sect long time before they even met and were really into it. When my mother got cancer, following her religion, she did not want to apply for medical treatement and died. And I still feel responsible for her death as i could have prevented it!" These are the words of James himself. Oh yeah..this was also the first song ever on the album to be heard by the press! Anyway...hope you like the story and shit. Have FUN! PAVEL DOUJNIKOV (comments, corrections and death threats are more than welcome!)
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