Metallica - In Memory Of Cliff Solo tab

This is like my second tab so im not to cocky about it 
but i am pretty confident that its correct... i dont know 
all of it but i'll post the rest later...

(Theres a 30 second bass solo at the beggining)Play 3 timese|------------------------|---------------------------|b|0h1-1-00----------------|0h1-1h3-3-1-0--------------|g|----------2-0--0-00-0h2-|--------------0-0004-0-0004|d|------------------------|---------------------------|a|------------------------|---------------------------|e|------------------------|---------------------------|
this part is kind of played back and forth untill the end buti think it makes a few changes but with a little trial anderror im sure you'll get ite|-------------------------------|b|---------------------3-----3---|g|-----------4-----4-----4-4---4-|d|5-2--2-5-2---5-5---5-----------|a|-------------------------------|e|-------------------------------|
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