Meters - Cissy St tab

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Cissy Strut by The Meters from the album The Meters.
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Song format:
0. Say "Ahhhhhhh YA" with building volume
1. Play part One four times, then play part Two four times
2. Repeat Step One
3. Play part three.  That's the Chord Leo is playing, but find the rhythm
4. Play Part Two four times
5. Repeat Step 1.
6. The song fades out with part One being played twice.

It is of course possible that something here is wrong.  Please Email me any
corrections that you consider necessary.  Funkify Your Life!

Part Onee:--------------------|B:--------------------|G:--------------------|D:10p8----------------|A:------10------------|E:---------13b(14)-10-|
Part Twoe:------------------------------------------------|B:------------------------------------------------|G:------------------------------------------------|D:----------------------------10--8--10--8--10--8-|A:------------------------------------------------|E:------------------------------------------------|
Part Three e: 8 B: 8 G: 8 D: 7 A: 8 E: X
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