Meters – What More Can I Do tab

WHAT MORE CAN I DO by The Meters from the album "Good Old Funky Music"

A soulful lament.  I couldn't find the lyrics anywhere online, 
so I transcribed them as best I could using my strongest sense.
Intro tab ain't exact and variations of it are heard throughout.

INTRO 2xe|14-14-12-9-7-7/9-7-0~~-0~|B|14-14-12-9-7-7/9-7-0h3-3~|G|-------------------------|D|-------------------------|A|-------------------------|E|-------------------------|
Amaj7 Dmaj7 What can I do to make you understand me Amaj7 Oh girl, I tried the things Dmaj7 I thought would get me through to you Amaj7 Dmaj7 Baby, you just go ahead and misunderstand me C G Amaj7 Tell me what can I do, yeah Amaj7 Dmaj7 I tried to show you love in every way I could Amaj7 Dmaj7 You see, I don't do the things I really should Amaj7 You think my love is like Dmaj7 the one that comes and goes C G Amaj C#m7 Tell me what can I do (BRIDGE) F#m C#m7 D I've thought of throwing you out of my mind F#m C#m7 D Girl, I've pretended that things were just fine F#m C#m7 D As I sit down alone in my room D C#m7 Bm7 A G C G I've thought of lovin' you, lovin' you, lovin' you, lovin' you C G Amaj7 Tell me what can I do (SPOKEN) Amaj7 E Girl, I don't care what no one says Amaj7 E I'm gonna keep on lovin' you anyway Amaj7 E C#m7 I think it's just about time that I blow your mind (BRIDGE) Amaj7 E Baby, tell me what, tell me what can I do, yeah Amaj7 E Oh, just to prove I love you Amaj7 E And you keep on makin', keep on makin' me blue Amaj7 E Oh, well you know I love you...(fade) / slide up h hammer-on ~ let ring
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