Meters - Sissy Strut tab

This is my first tab so bare (if thats how it is) with me. There wasn't a tab for this song and I thought it deserved one. This is probably the most accurate tab for the song. Email me with any questions or comments.

Oh and I tried to time it out but it didnt work. Listen to the song and you can easily figure out the rhythm.

Tabbed by: Nate Lanman

Tuning: standard EADGBe

Main Riff

WhoaaaaaaYAH!e|------------------66-55----------------------------------------|B|------------------66-66----------------------------------------|G|53----------------55-55----------------------------------------| X4D|--5------------------------------------------------------------| A|---6--3------3-3-----------------------------------------------|E|----------35--5------------------------------------------------|
e|--------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------------|G|5-353-53--5-353------5-353-53--5-353--------------------------| X2D|-----------------5--------------------5-----------------------| A|------------------3--------------------3----------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------|
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