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Metric – Speed The Collapse chords

"Speed The Collapse" (chord tab by nadiacw)

EmAll the way from where we came
BBuilt a mansion in a day
AmDistant lightning, thunder clouds
GWatch our neighbors house collapse
BLook the other way
EmAnd then the storm was over head
BAll the oceans boil and rivers bled
AmWe auction off our memories
GIn the absence of a breeze
BScatter what remains
BScatter what remains!
CPushed away, I'm pulled toward
EmCome down with revolving doors
DEvery warning we ignored
CDrifting in from distant shores
[C - Em - D - C]The wind presents a change of course
A second reckoning of sorts We were wasted waiting for Come down over revolving doors
[Em - B - Am - G - B]And when the days follow paths
In another mansion built to last From our window we could see only possibilities Down the road and back But, then the storm returned for more And a come down of revolving doors Auction off our memories In the absence of a breeze Scatter what remains Scatter what remains! [Chorus]
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