Metric - Live It Out Acoustic tab

Song: Live it Out (Acoustic)
Artist: Metric


C Dm Am G|-0--1--0--3-||-1--3--1--0-||-0--2--2--0-||-2--0--2--0-||-3-----0--2-||----------3-|
C Am On the day we were supposed to leave Dm G You changed your mind at the station Am You had a nice apartment C There was a good bar downstairs Dm G Your old friend worked there C Am I'll go anyway, I'll go anyway Dm G They won't refund the ticket G It's a good story Dm G But I don't want to live it alone G Am Crash to take a chance Am C I wanna live it out C Dm I know I'm already dead Dm G No concrete adversity G Am Only traps of our own actions Am C How we wanted it to be C Dm Now I'm never gonna see you again Dm G You checked out Vertebrae by vertebrae Roll your way out of a coma Look up, the nurse is smiling What luck, the nurse is me Your old body is dead Your body's dead, you're word instead In my sleep I repeat it It's a good story But I don't want to live it alone Crash to take a chance We were gonna live it out Look at you, you're already dead How will you remember me Digging ditches out of boredom Said you would never leave Now you're never gonna be here again You turned off Dm Hope I live it out G Hope I live it out x3 Am Hope I live it out C Hope I live it out Dm G Hope I live it out
End in C Anything, Maximo
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