Meursault – Nothing Broke tab

Well i saw another lonely soul putting up Meursault tabs, and to show him he's not the
fan of such
a cracking band, thought i'd join in. Hopefully this will encourage others to put up
tabs for all
their other amazing songs!

This is the what I worked out from sounding out the song, to be honest it's a mix 
of the fingerpicking
of the banjo converted for guitar, and guitar strumming from parts of the song. It's
a load
of pish, but if you have any improvements, please let me know.

I normally play this with capo II i think, but i can't remember if that's for accuracy
to fit my voice.
Either way, all is relative to capo.

Intro/Verse (two ways of playing):

Method 1

C Am Em Ge----------------------------------------|B--------1-------1-------0-------3-------|G------0--0----2--2----0--0----0--0------|D----------2-------2-------2-------0-----|A-----3-3-----0-0------------------------|E---------------------0-0-----3-3--------|
Method 2
C Am Em Ge-------------------------------------------------------|B---------1-----------1-----------0-----------1---------|G--------0--0--------2--2--------0--0--------0--0-------|D------2------2----2------2----2------2----0------0-----|A-----3-3---------0-0-----------------------------------|E-----------------------------0-0---------3-3-----------|
Chorus: Strummed F G x4 Outro: Strummed C Am Em G (until fade) Words: Intro/Verse Well nothing broke So nothing changed at all We were feeling much the same And how were we to know? If we're all about the space There would be no other conscience at all... Chorus There was no great disaster No terrible wrath to visit anymore Pulled the grey clouds apart There was no end at all Intro/Verse Just a lot of open ground And a million crying eyes So we dried each other off And we pulled our clothes back on Chorus And we made our excuses And we went our seperate ways And we promised to never speak of this In our lives again... Outro Aaaaaaahhhhh aaaaaaaahh ahh x... Chorus And there was no great disaster No terrible wrath to visit anymore Pulled the grey clouds apart There was no end at all... Outro Aaaaaaaahhhhh aaaaaaahhh ahh (until fade) Hope you all enjoyed!
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