Meursault - One Day This Will All Be Fields chords

    c G E A
Bb  3-2-1-1
Bb5 3-5-1-1
Dm  2-2-1-0
F   2-0-1-0
C   0-0-0-3
Gm  0-2-3-1

Here's a rough guide for the fingerpicking verse based on how I play it. It's 
mostly hammer ons and is very open to your interpretation:

Intro: Bb Dm F C Bb5 Dm F C
Bb DmThere are naught but ghosts
F CBeyond this endless canopy
Bb5 DmAnd they all hold small comfort
F CFor deserters such as me
Bb DmYou have failed us in memories
F CYour recollections all are lies
Bb5 Dmyou've been such a disappointment
F CFrom the moment that we died
C / / / (then tap foot or ukelele four times)---- chorus ----
F C Gm Dm Cand we will descend from the sky
F C Gm Dm Cand we will bury you alive
x2 ---- chorus ---- Break: Bb Dm F C Bb5 Dm F C you are not the men you thought you were Never knowing your own minds Still there are oh so many ways To bleed the truth out of a lie ---- chorus ---- and we will descend from the sky and we will bury you alive N.C. and we will descend from the sky N.C. and we will bury you alive ---- chorus ---- FIN
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