Mew – Am I Wry No chords

MEW am I wry no

He has a super high voice so this is a more realistic version for us normal people :)
capo 3 or 4

Guitar Start: A E D

All come in: F#m E Bm D x2

A E BmFarah, now that we're here can you tell me
Dexactly how I should have done?
F#m EFarah drives with her eyes closed
Bm DDo you ever inflict unwanted memories?
A F#m D E I know you, and I know it won't take you long
F#m Dto make me smile
F#m E BmFarah, angelic girl, I'll have you know
D it's you and me, potentially
F#m E BmFarah, don't pull the carpet from under me
DIndifference is killing me.
A D E Bm
A F A# Am I wry?
D A Oh my fallacy fallacy in my words
G F A# Am I wry?
A F#m D EI know you and I know you're not afraid,
F#m Dto say the least.
E A Bm E x2
A F A# D G CDiamond ring diamond ring, but you can't find it
F A#cold is the night.
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