Mew - Chinaberry Tree tab version 2

Mew - Chinaberry Tree

Tabbed by: Hallis
Tabbed from:

In parallel sea what would I be?
   Am                F
My first love said to me,
                  C        Em
"Tears out for the world to see"
I would not be
                 Am           F
I did not see the chinaberry tree
Tears out, it would feel so
Heavenly, heavenly, heavenly
Hard now to picture a me
Without a you, without a you


Em "Don't interfere" Am F Part of her back was frozen C Em G For the remainder of the war G "Don't be concerned" Am F But I never learned how not to be C Am As my first love said to me, F Am "I don't care. I'm not there." F Em So that I could not sleep F C My whole being was falling apart F So that I soon cried out, C "Dear friends, hold me!"
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