Mew - Her Voice Is Beyond Her Years tab

               HER VOICE IS BEYOND HER YEARS - Mew

Tabbed by: Kenneth Skertchly

Tuning: The song is tuned half step up (FCG#D#A#F) on the CD, but there is a
version out there which is played with normal tuning.

Intro:  (x2)

G5 D5 E5 B5

D5              A5
Her Voice is Beyond Her Years

        E5       B5
she's trying to move you

G5                 D5
she did not know where to go

     E5          B5
and soon it was dark

G5                              G5
If I could look you in the eyes

B5                              D5
If I could look you in the eyes

Bridge:   (x2)

G5 D5e--10------9------------------------------10-------9---------------------|B------7---------------------------------------7-------------------------|G--7--------------------------------------7------------------------------|D------------------------------------------------------------------------|A------------------------------------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------------------------------| I couldn't let you go I couldn't let you go
E5 B5e-------------17----------------------|B-------------------19----------------|G---16---18---------------------------|D-------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------|
Her Voice is Beyond Her Years please try not to move her at least it was her mistake hers alone to make If I could look you in the eyes If I could look you in the eyes
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