Mewithoutyou – Foxs Dream Of The Log Flume tab

I'm just tabbing the main guitar riff.
I haven't gotten around to the rest,
but I wanted to share what I had with you all.
Pretty easy song for the most part.
Just listen for the timing.
It's in a sort of swing.

Very beginning, before it goes intothe main riff:e|----------|B|----------|G|---2--2---|D|--0----0--|A|----------|E|----------|
Here's how the riff is played at first:e|-------------------|B|-------------------|G|------------2--2---|D|------0----0----0--| x2A|--2--2-------------|E|-------------------|
And then this is the one played for the rest:e|---------------------|B|---------------------|G|--------------2--2---|D|------0--2---0----0--| then just play thisA|--2--2----0----------| a bunch.E|---------------------|
Now, skipping to the end of the song,literally the very end.e|-------------------|B|-------------------|G|-------0-0--2/4-0--|D|--0-0--2-2------2--|A|--2-2--------------|E|-------------------|Again, just listen for the timing.
Like I said, very simple. Enjoy!
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