Mewithoutyou - Fiji Mermaid chords

This is what Aaron plays with an acoustic guitar.

***Capo 3rd fret***
A7- x02020could play Am as Am7 too x02010. Can't quite tell what it's suppose to be.
intro: Everse
E Stitch up the nets but the patch won't stay
As the nail beds rest in the calico hay
A7 Am E The Fiji Mermaid dressed in macrame's
Wading road in the fork and a bend In the spoon tern cut short as a shadow at noon
A7 Am Melting like wax as that once full moons
E Now waning ersatz acts an insufferable bore
Sharp Shots dull as a harlequins sword
A7 Am When doing as you please doesn't please you anymore
interlude: C G C A7 Am C G C Everse
E Stick of the match as the paraffin show
Drop a nickel to watch the asparagus grow
A7 Am The stone in what shell?
E You sure like to know now don't you?
A loom in the heir as the medicine came To the nest of the mare of the mystery claims
A7 Am But you'll miss having someone to blame
E For your sadness, now won't you?
Well maybe there'll be a bakery hiring
A7 Am We'll knead a little dough to get by
interlude: C G C A7 Am x2 verse
C E Did you come knocking on my door
Or did I come to yours?
C E Whose ship came washed up on whose shore?
And from what ocean floor?
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