Mewithoutyou - Nine Stories chords

Intro: C#m    A    C#m    B

C#m ATracks in the tall toadflax where he crawled,
C#mPast Dodge Summit toward Athabasca falls,
BPracticing his Avocets and Gnatcatcher calls
C#mWalrus trudged along
AWhile low in a lodgepole branch nearby
C#mBarnyard Owl watched with an amorous eye
B“What unprecedented gift does this afternoon provide?”
C#m A“I’ve flown across the sea where the soldierfish swam,
C#mI’ve slept inside the shoe of the world’s tallest man,
BI saw Charlotte Corday with the knife in her hand;
It was nothing new
C#m AI’ve perched on Steele, Dakota’s sandhill crane
C#mI flew among the Paiutes before the Mormon rain,
BI was in Virginia City for the stringing up of Clubfoot Lane
But I’ve never seen anything like you.”
E A BAll untied, by and by!
EBut I’d pour the matrimony wine
(E) A B All untied, by and by!
Eso if you’re ever so inclined…”
“What from the air now calls to water on the land? What from my seclusion does this charlatan demand? What to do now with my best-laid eremetic plans? I’ve been to the Arfaks where the Sicklebills fly, seen Tangier’s acrobatics nine stories high I was there at Appomattox back in ’65 when the General arrived But I’ve never been in this room before!
E A BAll untied, by and by!
Ethat same old dream’s trapped in my mind
(E) A BAll untied, by and by.
EI’m bound in ropes and on the firing line
(E) A BAll untied, by and by
Bsus well, I wake up disappointed every time
B Bsuswell, I wake up disappointed every time
Bm F#
Bm F#If the weather ever withers up your vine
BmJacob knows a ladder you can climb
F#If that old thorn is still buried in your side,
BmJacob knows a ladder you can climb…”
“Well, if your pacific rivers all run dry their clouds will fill my loud, corrupted sky And if the pleasures of your heavens (should) ever end That very ladder just as well descends!
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