Blue Hen chords with lyrics by Mewithoutyou - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Mewithoutyou – Blue Hen chords

AFires of the lighthouse burning in the bay
BmWaters of the sound sleeping through the day
AOstrich of the night half buried in the sand
BmNearer comes the man, sickle in his hand
ABattles in the back seat, soap box car
BmBlack-bolt lightning car I don't care who you are
AFires of the lighthouse, sound of the guitar
Bm[?] regard
A C#mDeath where is thy sting? In the trails of
F#mSunfish sails and curve stitch string?
A C#mBlack mass ghosts of half-chewed hosts
F#mOff the Henlopen coast in the saltwater spring
A C#mYou arrive washed up in the tide Normally alive
F#mwith your consolation boots of Spanish inquisition eyes
A C#mPrancing around the stage at your advancing age
F#mOffering stale communion to the presbyters of time?
ACousins on the swing set, rabbits in the grass:
BmIs it too much to ask to reproduce the past?
AStories of the ice boat wreck kept us warm
BmSheltered from storm on the ocean floor
Chorus (quiet)
A C#mAnd in the morning, we rest in Corinthian headdress
F#mOn couches of ivory
A C#mAnd wake in the moonlight Like badgers at midnight
F#mTo friends made in factories somewhere
A C#mYou'll know where to find us, our best years behind us
F#mBarefooted pilgrims at shrines of our youth:
A C#m'Our joy was electric, our circles concentric...'
F#mConverging on statues of permanence
A C#mDeath where is thy sting?
F#mYou ought to put more thought into what you bravely sing
A C#mAft-mast ships of straw-short bricks
F#mYou'll soon see exactly where my victory is
A C#mThe spring to its slumber Your lighthouses black
F#mLike virginal slumber I'll break like the lap
A C#mOf your Delaware shore Your Blue Hen remains
F#mWill dissolve at my door Like a teaspoon of salt in the rain
Chorus (no Chords) And I'll wrap up your absence In blankets of reverence A mastodon shadow Divided by zero
A C#mAnd comfort your family With words like eternity
F#mAnd friends made in factories somewhere
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