Mewithoutyou - In A Market Dimly Lit tab version 1

Dylan P.
in a market dimly lit
questoins or comments send to me 

LISTEN TO SONG FOR TIMING AND HOW LONG TO PLAY THE INTRO/=slideintro/ first verse-----|------------------------------|-----|------------------------------|-----|------------------------------|---7-|---7----repeat this part------|--9--|-99-----for a while listen to |-----|---------song for the timing--|
(guitar two)------------------------------------|------------------------------------|------------------------------------|------------------------------------|------------------------------------|listen for timing and when to start -2/5-5/7-7/9-9/2--------------------|when to start playing
accordin (tabbed for guitar)-2--45-7-9-7-45754-2----------------|--------------------32--------------|------------------------------------|i didnt complete the accordin cuz i ------------------------------------|just added it just for fun------------------------------------|------------------------------------|
so enjoy when i finshish the rest of it i'll put the rest up and questons or comments email me
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