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Mgmt – Time To Pretend tab

MGMT - Time To Pretend

Here is how I play this on my acoustic.
I like it this way as you can hit the the root notes easily.

*** Capo 2nd Fret ****
(everything relative to Capo)

WEE TUNEE|--------------------|B|-3-1-0-----5-5------|G|------2-0-----------| x 5D|--------------------|A|--------------------|E|--------------------|
VERSE 1 (fig 1) C F (x33210) I'm feelin rough I'm feelin raw I'm in the prime of my
C lifeE|-0--(0)-(0)-(0)-(0)-(0)-(0)----|-0--(0)-(0)-(0)-(0)-(0)-(0)---|B|-1--(1)-(1)-(1)-(1)-(1)-(1)----|-1--(1)-(1)-(1)-(1)-(1)-(1)---|G|-0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0-|-0---0---0---0---0---0---0--0-|D|-2---2---2---2---2---2---2-----|-2---2---2---2---2---2---2----|A|-3---3---3---3---3---3---3-----|-3---3---3---3---3---3---3----|E|-------------------------------|------------------------------|
C F C Let's make some music make some money find some models for wives. C F C I'll move to Paris, shoot some heroin and fuck with the stars. C F C You man the island and the cocaine and the elegant cars. PRE-CHORUS F This is our decision to live fast and die young. C We've got the vision, now let's have some fun F Yeah it's overwhelming, but what else can we do? C Get jobs in offices and wake up for the morning commute? CHORUS 1 G Em Forget about our mothers and our friends. F G C We were fated to pretend. F C to pretend. F C We were fated to pretend. F C to pretend. VERSE 2 C F C I'll miss the playgrounds and the animals and digging up worms. C F C I'll miss the comfort of my mother and the weight of the world. C F C I'll miss my sister, miss my father, miss my dog and my home. C F C Yeah I'll miss the boredom and the freedom and the time spent alone. PRE-CHORUS (Fig 2.) F But there is really nothing, nothing we can do. C Love must be forgotten. Life can always start up anew. F The models will have children, we'll get a divorce, C we'll find some more models, Everything must run its course. CHORUS G Em We'll choke on our vomit and that will be the end. F G C We were fated to pretend. F C to pretend. F C We were fated to pretend. F C to pretend. and so it goes... **********************************************************
(Fig 2.) I usually fiddle with the chords a bit this time round with this sort of thing. F CE|-0.....-0.....-0.....-0-| 0..--0--0..-------|B|-1.....-0.....-1.....-3-| 1..--1--1..0-1----|G|-2.....-2.....-2.....-2-| 0..0-0--0..---2-0-|D|-3.....-3.....-3.....-3-| 2..--3--2..-------|A|-3.....-3.....-3.....---| 3..--3--3..-------|E|--.....--.....--.....---| ------------------| There..Nothing-.Love...Life
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