Mgmt - Metanoia Part 2 chords

The other tab has the first half, so I'll post the second half.
I'm pretty sure I got it right.

Instrumental slide solo progression:

(I incorporated the bass on the low E string, figure out
the strumming pattern)

C# F# F# Fm Em G F# Fm F# G#e|-----------8----0-----0------3----2----------2---1---2--4------------------|B|-6---11-11-9----0-----0------0----2----------2---1---2--4------------------|G|-6---11-11-10---0-----0------0----3----------3---1---3--5------------------|D|-6---11-11-10---2-----2------0----4----------4---3---4--6------------------|A|-4---9--9--8----2-----2------2----4----------4---3---4--6------------------|E|----------------0-2-3-0--0-2-3--3-2--5-4-3-2-2---1---2--4------------------|Repeat this a lot until the next part...
F GTonight, under rose
F GYou won't find another wheel to roll
F GWhen autumn winds appear
FWe wear these fears on our right
GIt just wants to be surreal 'cause
F GAll dressed in diamond image jeans
F GMercury's found in old field
FWe miserable in love
GAnd chance we walked
F GRight on in, into the streets of the city but
Am GWatching people disappear
FWithout reaching out
AmYears and years
G FYou're left by yourself
G COn the wheel
The instrumental outro is all major chord changes I believe:
F G A D F# F# D Ee|--1---3---5---5------------------------------------------------------------|B|--1---3---5---7---11---11---7---9------------------------------------------|G|--2---4---6---7---11---11---7---9------------------------------------------|D|--3---5---7---7---11---11---7---9------------------------------------------|A|--3---5---7---5---9----9----5---7------------------------------------------|E|--1---3---5----------------------------------------------------------------|
Repeat until the end.
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