Mgmt - Brian Eno chords

"Brian Eno" - MGMT

Great song from a great album.

Chords used:
    Dm - 000231
    Bbm - 113321
    Am - 002210/577555
    Gm - 355333
    D - 000232
    Bm - 224432
    G - 320003/355433
    A - 002220/577655

DmSo tired
BbmSoul searching
AmI followed the sounds to a cathedral
Dm Bbm Am Imagine my surprise to find that they were produded by Brian Eno
DmPast the gates
BbmQuite stark
Am Asus2The roses trimmed and the windows dark
Dm BbmI see the walls through a limestone crack
Am Asus2Not red, not blue, not yellow, but black
Gm Am (barre)And all the space left for you
GmIf the sky was synthesized you'd probably know
Dm BbmHe taught me many things
Am Asus2The wisdom of o' bleak stratagems
Dm BbmThe prophet of a sapphire soul
Am Asus2Presented through creative freedoms
Gm Am (barre)And everything I say is true
Gm'Cause if i was telling lies it'd probably show
D BmI can tell that he's kind of smiling
GBut what does he know?
D BmWe're always one step behind him
GHe's Brian Eno (Brian Eno)
ABrian Eno! (Brian Eno!)
Verse: When I was stuck he'd make me memorize elaborate curses Tinctures and formulas To ditch the choir and flip the verses My whole foundation came unglued When I tried to humanize by ambient light Chorus: Dipping swords in metaphors yeah But what does he know? He's go the whole world behind him He's Brian Eno (Brian Eno) Brian Eno! (Brian Eno!) Breakdown:
Dm Bbm AmHe promised pretty worlds and all the silence I could dream of
Dm BbmBrian Peter George St. John
Le Baptiste de la Salle Eno
D Bm GWell all alone by the oldest stone where the shade trees grow
(What does he know?)
D Bm GThe creature by the water feature with a ghostly glow
(Brian Eno!)
D BmYeah, he's making sure that time's preserved well
GWe reap what we sow
(What does he know?)
D BmWe're always one step behind him
GHe's Brian Eno! (Brian Eno!)
D BmYeah, I can tell that he's doing well yeah
GWhat does he know? (What does he know?!)
D BmI'm always one step behind him
GHe's Brian Eno! (Brian Eno!)
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