Mgmt - Song For Dan Treacy chords version 2

MGMT - Song for Dan Treacy Chords

by Ryan McGrath

100% transcribed by me. Please inform me of any mistakes, however I don't think 
there are any, if at all.

Lyrics taken from - - 
and slightly edited for grammar and corrections.

Chords are listed as regular or flat, never sharp, for ease of playing. This is 
regardless of key.

Examples of chords and their notations:

	D = D major

	Gb = G flat major

	Em = E minor

	Gbm = G flat minor

	Cdim. = C diminished

	Bbdim. = B flat diminished


Part A (0:00 - 0:22)

D Gbm He spends his time
G or maybe half of his time
Bbdim. or part of the time wandering
D Gbm Em 'round the creeks and cobble stones of hackney lanes
D Gbm with a tear in his eye
G Bbdim. as the children walk by, he's thinking of a song
D Gbm Em then stops to paint a picture of a frown
Gb F walking around
Part B (0:23 - 0:40) Em Cm Gm Gb F Em Cm Gm Gb F Em Part A (0:41 - 1:02)
D Gbm Dan Treacy's smile
G Bbdim. leaves you trying to decide who's the victim, what's the crime?
D no rest for the mind
Gbm Em that's seen it all before
D Gbm and I don't know where he lives
G but he's a myth of a man
Bbdim. and Texas Bob the cameraman
D Gbm Em is off to fix his seat before the show
Gb F yeah, but where did he go?
Part B (1:03 - 1:14) Em Cm Gm Gb F Em Cm Gm Gb F Part C (1:15 - 1:32)
Dbm A To know when your time's up
B E Abm Bm you flip the glass and watch the hours quickening
A Am oh oh oh oh oh
Dbm A In the back of the station
B E Abm Bm fluorescent lights about to quit their flickering
Part D (1:33 - 1:42)
A Well he speaks his mind
B he says "What is crime?"
Bm Dan Treacy's eyes
Part A (1:43 - 2:01) Note: The chords from "In the middle..." to "...lark" are not actually played in the song, but for things like acoustic covers I thought it might be helpful to include them, so I did.
D Gbm In the middle of the park
G when the underground is dark,
Bbdim. he's a poet he's a lark
D Gbm Em He starts thinking about a place that no one knows
D Gbm And when the creeks run dry
G he stays frozen in time
Bbdim. strange lights in the sky
D start blinking
Gbm I can see the car outside
Part E (2:02 - 2:11)
Em But he's listening, ooh ooh ooh ooh
Abm he's listening, ooh ooh ooh
Bm he's listening, ahh ahh ahh
A and he's making up his mind
Part C (2:12 - 3:09) Note: The lyrics and instrumentation of this second Part C are different, however the chords remain the same.
Dbm A He made his mind up
B E Abm Bm A Am to get things done and overcome
Dbm A He made his mind up
B E Abm Bm A Am yeah he's gonna let it go
Dbm A He made his mind up
B E Abm Bm A Am in the park and at the station
Dbm A He made his mind up
B E Abm Bm A Am yeah, he's gonna get it done
Dbm A He made his mind up
B E Abm Bm A Am ooh yeah he's gonna get it done
Dbm A He made his mind up
B E Abm Bm Part F (3:10 - 4:09)
A B yeah, he's gonna let it go, uh oh
Gbm no matter the time
B oh oh
Gbm when the creeps run by
B oh no
Gbm he's making his mind up
B oh oh oh oh
Gbm B yeah he's gonna get it done whoa oh
Gbm B oh yeah, when the creeks run dry whoa oh
Gbm B yeah, he's gonna listen to his soul,
Gbm yeah, when the creeps walk by and say
Cdim. "Come here boy, look me in the eye"
bow to the heart, back to the beat of
E Dan Treacy
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