Mgmt – 4th Dimensional Transition chords ver. 2

This song is beautiful written by Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser. 
To me, it is about how might seem scary and difficult to let a girl (or a boy) 
into your heart and life. I could go on forever at about the lyrics, 
but it is about a one night stand. 

The song is in 4/4

Im not sure about the Esus4, but when you play it, it might make more sense. But I 
consider it optional.

E5 E Esus4 F F# A B Bb G F Dm C Am Am7 D-x--0--x----1-(2)-x-(7)-x-(3)(1)-1--0--0--0--2-x--0--x----1--2--2--7--6--3--1--3--1--1--1--3-9--1--9----2--3--2--8--7--4--2--2--0--2--0--2-9--2--7----3--4--2--9--8--5--3--0--2--2--2--0-7--2--7----3--4--0--9--8--5--3--x--3--0--0--x-0--0--0----1--2--x--7--6--3--1--x--x--x--x--x
Intro: He just plays an E Vers:
E5 Esus4 E5I feel your racing heart
E5 Esus4 E5My liquid silver arms extended
E5 Esus4 E5These waves aren't far apart
Esus4 EBlack gold in clawfoot tubs unchanging
Am7 Am EI am fire, where's my form?
Am7 Am BWhisper crimson I intrude
Dm Dm A There's light beneath your eyes
Dm Dm G F ENew overtones in view, endless form, endless time
Second vers is played exactly as the first (If what they say is true You are a shadow in the fourth dimension To float away with you We see the corners where nothing happens) The second bridge
Am7 Am EWhile we drifted we were one
Am7 Am ECeilings lifted walls were gone
Bridge 2: The first E chord is not played
E D CYou speak the language of the breeze
GAll your leaves were meant for me
F F# EThe love that every person wants to be
You play the middle piece like the verse. Outro: Starts out with an Dm chord, then the vocals start, also strum every chord twice each times it is written. Chorus
Dm Dm C C Stuck together, I don't like revealing secrets
Bb Bb GI'll live inside your lips if you won't laugh
G AMy heaving hands on rotten fruit at last
Dm Dm C C Fallow fingers, there's a surface I can count on
Bb Bb GShe'd fit inside my heart and take it over
G ATill her cape got blown into my red red lungs
Dm DmEither there's a purpose
C COr I'm heading out at breakfast
Bb BbTake a drink, take a drag
A AOne more coffee, ugly hat
A ANo more mirrors, woolen bag
DAnd I am gone
Outro: Here you strum every D chord 3 times Dx19, G Please rate and enjoy! Love and Peace <3
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