Michael Bolton – The Best Of Love tab

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Date: Thu, 07 May 1998 13:23:59 +0800
From: Franz-Joseph Rufino 
Subject: m/michael_bolton/the_best_of_love.crd

Michael Bolton
     "the best of love"
from the album "all that matters"
chord's by j.rufino junn@skyinet.net

      INTRO: Bm F# , Bm F# D Bm

      Bm                            F#     Bm                         F#
      I got this something to tell you , there ain't no doubt in my mind
      Bm                 F#                      Bm                   F#
      All I'm asking is keep you here forever , just till the end of time

               G  Bm        G    Bm   G   Bm       D
     (ah) Baby I know when love grow's my heart is overflowin
     G   Bm      G  Bm     G         D              Bm                 D
     So fine and so true , I wanna spend my time , spend my time with you

     G          Bm      F#    G           Bm               F#          D
     I got the best of love , with every breath and every beat of my heart
     G          Bm                 F#      D
     You know you've got me by my deepest emotion
     G          Bm              F#
     cause' you keep giving me the best of love

    Passion and sweet inspration so rare and so hard to find
    You're my journey and destination , Queen of this heart of mine


   Bm          G           D     Bm    G    D        Bm
   With every moment that passes by , this love goes on
       G              D                  G          D
   and keep's growin' stronger , And the more were together
       Bm                  G        D
   the best keep's getting better , baby


   well this one  may sound a bit rough but just send me your question's o.k.

   you should the video of this song , Ashley Judd is just too sweet!
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