Michael Buble - End Of May tab

			     End Of May  Michael Buble
Tabbed by: Dami (Dee Ay)
Email: dademidun@gmail.com

Tuning: Standard (Capo 2)

*Use fingers preferably, does not sound nearly as good with a pick or thumb pick 
that is my opinion)

**Since the song doesn't really have a definitive chorus, I will distinguish the main 
as Primary Verse and Secondary Verse

---What you will be playing---

Intro/Primary Verse:

(Repeat 4 times) Secondary Verse:
(Repeat 3 times) ----------- These patterns are the tab lines used throughout the song. The order/method of how you the lines in relation to the actual song is as follows: Intro/Primary Verse (4 times) Secondary Verse (3 times) Intro/Primary Verse (4 times) Secondary Verse (3 times) Intro/Primary Verse (4 times) - Note that this is the bridge, if you listen closely, pattern can still be heard as a rhythm part beneath the moving part Secondary Verse (3 times) Intro/Primary Verse (2 times, let the last note played ring this time) Intro/Primary Verse (2 more times normally) Secondary Verse (3 times, on the third time, only play up to the partial D chord [3-2-0 line] and let that ring) Intro/Primary Verse (2 times) Ending chord to finish... ...For the ending chord, I believe it sounds most accurate to slowly strum a D major without the high e string note and let it ring. However, for me, the way I like to end the is like this here (strummed slowly as well):
And let the notes ring ----------- ************************************ | h hammer-on ************************************
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