Michael Buble – Grown Up Christmas List chords

This is what I hear. Chord placement is not exact so just listen and adapt.

Intro: ||: F – C/E – Dm | Dm – C – Bb | Bb – C/A – Gm | C :||

F C/E Dm Do you remember me
Dm C BbI sat upon your knee
Bb F/A Gm C I wrote to you with childhood fantasies
F C/E DmWell I’m all grown up now
Dm C BbCan you still help somehow?
Bb F/A Gm CI’m not a child, but my heart still can dream
F C/E DmSo here’s my lifelong wish
Dm C BbMy grown up Christmas list
Bb F/A Gm CNot for myself, but for a world in need
D bm GNo more lives torn apart
G/E A f#mThat wars would never start
Bm A G A And time would heal all hearts
D bm GEvery man would have a friend
G/E A f#mThat right would always win
Bm A g#dim7And love would never end
f#m bm em A D – Dsus - D This is my grown up Christmas list
D G What is this illusion called the innocence of youth?
Bm EMaybe only in that blind belief
A C# Can we ever find the truth...
Key Change: | Gb - Db/F – Ebm | Ebm – Db – Cb | Cb – Db/Bb – Abm | Db |
Eb cm AbNo more lives torn apart
Ab/F Bb gmThat wars would never start
Cm Bb Ab Bb And time would heal our hearts
Eb cm AbEvery man would have a friend
Ab/F Bb gmThat right would always win
Cm Bb adim7 And love would never end
Gm cm fm Bb This is my grown up Christmas list
Gm cm adim7This is my only lifelong wish
Gm cm fm Bb Eb This is my grown up Christmas list
Outro: | Eb Bb/D cm | cm Bb Ab | Bb Eb |
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