Michael Gungor – Rescue tab

Micheal Gungor
ATF - Battle Cry

****Tabbed by Ma Eu Ch Ma****

***CAPO on 2nd fret***
  - the key is on D
  probobly, one of the easiest song to play from Michael Gungor

this is the very first tab that i did on my own (without the help of my wife, hahah!!..)
I hope this will help you a lot...

hello to my two kids, MauJa and Cherise!..
Of course, also to my wife, Nice!..
ILoveYou 3!!!..

*Introe ---------------------------------------------|b -----------------------------------3--1------|G --------0---------0--0------0--0-0-----------|D -----2-----------0--0----2h3--3-3-3----------|A --0---------0h2------------------------------|E ---------------------------------------------|
*Versee ---------------------------------------------|b -----------------------------------3--1------|G --------0---------0--0------0--0-0-----------|D -----2-----------0--0----2h3--3-3-3----------|A --0---------0h2------------------------------|E ---------------------------------------------|
e ----0-----|b ----1-----|G ----0-----|D ----3-----|A ----------|E ----------|
Chorus (chords) D I need you Jesus A/C# to come to my rescue Bm7 G Where else can I go D there’s no other name A/C# by which I am saved Bm7 G capture me with grace I will follow You
*Lead part (at same time playing the *Intro)e -----------------------------------------------------|b -----------------------------------------------------|G ------7/11---9---7------9------11---9---7------9--7--|D ---------------------7----------------------7--------|A -----------------------------------------------------|E -----------------------------------------------------|
Chords used on 1st Chorus **(w/o CAPO)** D A/C# Bm7 Ge ---5------7-------7------5------|b ---5------10------7------8------|G ---7------9-------7------7------|D ---7------7-------7------5------|A ---5------x-------9-------------|E ----------9-------7-------------|
Chords used on following Chorus' **(w/ CAPO on the 2nd fret)** D A/C# Bm7 Ge ---3------3-------3------3------|b ---1------1-------1------1------|G ---0------0-------0------0------|D ---2------0-------2------3------|A ---3------2-------0-------------|E --------------------------------|
Rock'On with the Cross!!!....
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