Michael Gungor - Ancient Skies chords version 1

Ancient Skies from the Ancient Skies album by the Michael Gungor band.

Dsus4 DYou have never changed
Dsus4 D Dsus2 G BmYour love is endless and Your mercy has remained
G Bm D AThrough all the ages You shine so bright
Dsus4 DNothing can compare
Dsus4 D Dsus2 G BmYou made the heavens and Your glory fills the air
G Bm D AThrough all the ages You ride the ancient skies
G AAnd You ride the ancient skies
F#m GYouíre amazing
BmCreation cries
ASo will I
G Now we stand amazed,
A And now we sing the word
D/F#They sang in ancient days.
Bm GA single word thatís overflowing
A Endless praise
Dsus4 DHallelujah
Bm A Hallelujah
F#m G Hallelujah
G A Hallelujah
End with Dsus4 D
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