Michael Gungor - Forevermore chords version 2

Album : Battle Cry
Song  : Forevermore/Awesome God
Standard EADGBe tuning
Artist: Michael Gungor
Key   :  E

F#m  E 
D E C#mThere is no one who is like You
F#m E DYou stand alone as God
E C#m All the earth will bow before You
F#m E DThey'll see You as You are
E And Your people sing
F#m E A Bm A G Jesus is the Lord Who reigns forevermore
F#m E A Bm DJesus is the Lord He reigns, He reigns
Play Intro Verse2
D E C#m Heroes tremble in Your presence
F#m E D Kings forget their crowns
E C#m Mountains shudder at Your whisper
F#m E DNations fall face down
E And Your people sing
D A Our God is an awesome God
E F#m EHe reigns from heaven above
D A EWith wisdom, power, and love
Bm E F#mOur God is an awesome God
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