Michael Gungor – Worthy Is Not Enough chords ver. 2

Song   : Worthy Is Not Enough
Artist : Michael Gungor Band
Album  : Battle Cry
Key    : A
Standard EADGBe tuning

Verse 1
F#m All that You are
A Overwhelms me
F#m A And my words aren’t enough
F#m I cry holy
A Worthy worthy
Bm G But my heart longs to say more
Em So much more
ASo hear my heart
GLoud and clear
D A‘Cause worthy’s not enough for You to hear
AHear my heart
GAs I sing
D AAs I respond with worship to my King
AGive me the words I want to say
GUnearth the songs I want to sing
DHear my heart
A/C#Hear my heart
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